How to Choose the Right Jeep Lift Kit for Enhanced Off-Roading Performance

Owning a jeep is one thing and getting the most out of its off-roading capability is another thing altogether. There are lots of things you can do to your jeep such as the choice of tires and the drive train to enhance its performance. A lift kit is one of the essential modifications you can’t do without if you want to experience the roaring power of your machine. When looking for a suspension lift kit for your jeep, your goal should be to strike a balance between off-road suspension flexibility and on-road drivability.

Before scouting for a lift lit, you must address a number of questions such as the regular use of your jeep, the type and size of tires you will use and the much you are willing to spend on the lift. The following are the basic types of lifts you may want to consider.

Smaller Lifts

This is appropriate if you just want a little more clearance or room under the transfer case to run 31 inch tires. This type of lift comprises coil spacers that are positioned under the stock springs. This gives it a little bump in height at the front section with long shackles at the back. If you have strong or new springs, you can go for blocks in the rear. The small lift commonly measures between 1.5 and 2 inches.

Medium Lifts

For most wheelers, this is the best choice. It gives your vehicle good tire clearance as well as a well handling on-road drive. The ideal tire size for this lift is anything between 32 and 34 inches. Inasmuch as you do not require lots of additions to the lift when you choose the medium suspension lift kit, you may still need longer brake lines or wheel spacers. If you own one of the newer jeeps, you may also need a different drive shaft, but this only applies on automatics because stock drive shafts work fine with manual transmissions. Medium shifts also come with new shocks. The most common medium lift is between 2 and 3.5 inches.

Bigger Lifts

This suspension lift kit is more aggressive and gives you an exceptional off-road performance without compromising on the jeep’s on-road capability. These lifts come with a totally new set of parts and thus you need to know the dynamics before installing these lifts. With bigger lifts, you can run 35 inch tires and still have an amazing experience.

At first, going bigger on your lift kits can be a little bit scary but don’t worry because once you find your balance and right fit, everything works just fine. Asking friends as well as reading reviews can help you get your perfect suspension lift kit match.

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