What to Look for When Picking Wheels and Tires for Your Truck

Fixing up your truck can be an enjoyable experience and one which can save you time, money, and lots of unnecessary frustration. Wheels and tires are among the key determinants of the performance of your truck both on-road and off-road. Choosing the right wheels can open up a whole frontier of fun and adventure which could have otherwise remained unexploited. The key question you need to ask yourself as a truck owner is – what are the key factors to look at when picking wheels and tires? To make the exercise much easier for you, below are some key pointers you should consider.

Wheel Size and Tread Pattern

The size of the tires you pick will have a tremendous impact on the quality of riding you will experience. For instance, if you are the sort of person who frequents off-road regularly particularly rocky, rough and extreme terrain, heavy-duty wheels with tires measuring at least 35 inches in diameter can be appropriate for you. The tread pattern is also a critical aspect of your wheels that you need to look at. For sloppy and muddy terrains, you need a more aggressive tread design which is different from the one you will go for when rolling over a hard-packed wilderness floor.

The Type of Truck

Inasmuch as where you plan to drive is important, when choosing wheels and tires, what you drive is equally critical. It doesn’t matter whether you stick on-road or decide to go off-road your set of tires and wheels should be matched to the type of truck. In the case of a classic truck, you will enjoy your rides more with a basic set of wheels fitted in a traditional rim size. If you are driving a late-model truck, you will look and feel good with 20 inch or even larger set of wheels.

The Wheel Materials

While every truck owner desires high quality materials for his wheels, it can be a challenge telling them apart especially due to the lots of alloys and different grades of steel wheels that exists in the market. Steel and alloy are the two basic types of wheels available for trucks. Each of these wheels has their own advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of so as to make the right decision.

Steel Wheels – These are much heavier than alloy wheels and have a solid construction. They have heavy duty durability and highly resistant to sand, dirt and brake depletion. Due to their consistent composition, they are less prone to wobbling.

Cast Alloy Wheels – These are made from lightweight aluminum composite which allow for a variety of designs. They are excellent for activities that require heavy duty braking or speed. Because of their rust-resistant shine, cast alloy wheels tend to give your truck an exceptional finished look that is not common with steel wheels.

If you find it a challenge to pick the right wheels, always tag an auto technician along.

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